Groups & Events Coordinator

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Rome


At Mama, we believe that our employees are our strongest asset. Whatever your role, we are all here
to make the guest experience as memorable as possible.
Our mission is simple: to bring small moments of happiness to people.
In our Mama’s, each one more original than the last, this uniqueness is reflected in the image of our
talents which we recruit; we are committed to promoting good vibes and strong human values.
Our growth isn’t just about opening new hotels. Our teams benefit from a strong culture that prides itself
in internal development & international mobility. At Mama, it’s not a question of diploma or years of
Joining us is above all, a human adventure shaped in the very image of our founders, the Trigano family.

In Mama crediamo che il che il nostro personale sia la nostra principale risorsa, qualunque sia il suo ruolo. Noi siamo la gang della felicità che ha come missione rendere indimenticabile l’esperienza dei nostri ospiti.

Nei nostri Hotel Mama, ognuno più originale dell’altro, come anche i talenti che reclutiamo, contiamo sul buon umore, il coinvolgimento, la motivazione e i forti valori umani.

I nostri fondatori, la famiglia Trigano, credono nei nostri team e nella crescita. Permettono esperienze trasversali all'interno degli hotel, con possibilità di mobilità internazionale. Lavorare in Mama non è una questione di diploma o anni di esperienza ma di entusiasmo e passione.


Il nostro impegno per la diversità e l'inclusione:
Mama è un'azienda inclusiva e la nostra ambizione è assumere e promuovere talenti diversi. I nostri annunci si servono del genere maschile non per discriminazione sessuale ma per semplice correttezza grammaticale.

Job Description

The Groups&Events Coordinator works on both the Corporate and the Groups & Events segments.

You will:
• Supervise all events’ organization from A to Z, like a great conductor; from quotation, to negotiation to invoicing, & on-site reception. You have everything under control! 👌
• Answer promptly to all group & events incoming enquiries and negotiate each business with the client, in accordance with Groups & Events Manager.
• Communicate internally each group & events details for the operational team (F&B, Room Division mainly) and ensure a smooth operation of each event on the floor by coordinating the event.

Reporting directly to the Groups & Events Manager you’re ensuring that customer satisfaction is the top priority ☀️.

Preferred Experience

• Detail is important to you, nothing goes missing thanks to your sense of organization and anticipation.
• With a strong sense of communication, you are a diplomat and know how to bring all the services together.
• Team spirit is your strength, like the "Gladiators in suits" with Olivia Pope. 💼💪
• Curiosity may have killed the cat, but not you; you’re constantly on the lookout of your surroundings.
• Problem solver with excellent customer relations - you never run out of ideas when faced with a customer situation.
• Action oriented - you’re hands on and believe that leading by example is the key to success.
• You know how to manage pressure and stress 🧘‍♂️.
• Family negotiator, everyone always ends up watching your pick for the Sunday movie night 😏.
• You know your numbers and are not afraid to show it; your PowerPoint presentations and your Excel tables make everyone jealous !


  • Auntie’s 70th birthday wasn’t the only event you organized last year, even if it was a success 🎂👵.
  • Geniality and hospitality are who you are, customers come back for you!
  • You’ve lost count of the number of local stars in your contacts! 🤵⭐️

Recruitment Process

Siamo sicuri che ormai conoscerai la canzone 🎶

1a strofa: Organizziamo un primo scambio telefonico con l'HR Team se la tua application rispetta il nostro ritmo.

Ritornello: Dopo un colloquio telefonico di successo, ci incontriamo. Tieni il ritmo!!

Ultimo versetto: Naturalmente, riceverai una risposta da noi che sia 👎 o 👍.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Rome