Front Desk Supervisor

  • Contract Type: Temporary
  • Location: Rome, Italy (00185)


In Mama crediamo che il che il nostro personale sia la nostra principale risorsa, qualunque sia il suo ruolo. Noi siamo la gang della felicità che ha come missione rendere indimenticabile l’esperienza dei nostri clienti.

Nei nostri Hotel Mama, ognuno più originale dell’altro, come anche i talenti che reclutiamo, contiamo sul buon umore, il coinvolgimento, la motivazione e i forti valori umani.

I nostri fondatori, la famiglia Trigano, credono nei nostri team e nella crescita. Permettono esperienze trasversali al interno degli hotel e con possibilità di mobilita internazionale. Lavorare in Mama non è una questione di diploma o anni di esperienza ma di entusiasmo e passione.


Il nostro impegno per la diversità e l'inclusione:
Mama è un'azienda inclusiva e la nostra ambizione è assumere e promuovere talenti diversi. I nostri annunci si servono del genere maschile non per discriminazione sessuale ma per semplice correttezza grammaticale.

Job Description

Our customers and our Front Office team are in good hands with you . Just like Mama, you ensure that each welcome and interactions are personalized and warm, not just
at the beginning, but maintained at all times of the day.
You coach and supervise the team. You are responsible for the smooth progress of the shift through
excellent preparation and distribution of tasks.
You control the cash registers and also verify all of the existing accounts.
You respond directly to customer requests and complaints.
Involved in the marketing of Mama services, you like to promote our shop (sale and merchandising of
products), restaurant and our events.
True coordinator of the Front Office Manager and their assistant, whom you take over for in their
absence , you r✊eport and communicate all information at the end of each shift.
The customer experience must be perfect and yo✨u are the guarantor.

Preferred Experience

• Detail is important to you, nothing goes missing thanks to your anticipation!
• You are a diplomat and know how to make the link between your superior and your team.
• You teach your team how to upsell, without turning into the Wolf of Wall Street . • You know how to manage pressure and stress, Master Yoda taught you everything… . • Confidentiality is important to you: what happens at Mama stays in Mama.
• Team spirit is your strength, like the "Gladiators in suits" with Olivia Pope . • You know how to optimize sales and occupancy: 100% OBJECTIVE! • You were the one who included the new kid in the group at the start of the school year!
• True teacher, you like to transmit your knowledge and develop the young Padawans into Jedi.


  • For you The Shining is not only a horror film, but above all a film about a hotel . - Your leadership is natural & effective; everyone knows that when Mama is not there, the children will play, but Mama can count on you ! ✊
  • You have a great experience on the PMS “Protel” or “Opera”.
  • Just like Michael Scofield, you can be tattooed and not scare away the children .

Recruitment Process

We’re sure you know the beat 🎶
1st verse: We set up a first telephone interview with ... if your application moves to our rhythm.
Chorus : After the successful telephone interview, ... we’ll see you at Mama or in our offices! Be ready!
(chorus x2 depending on the position)
Last verse: Mama won’t leave you wondering; you will have an answer from us whether it’s or .

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Temporary
  • Location: Rome, Italy (00185)