CHIEF ENGINEER (M/F) / Diretor técnico

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Lisboa, Portugal (1250-010)


At Mama, we believe that our employees are our strongest asset. Whatever your role, we are all here to make the guest experience as memorable as possible.
Our mission is simple: to bring small moments of happiness to people.

In our Mama’s, each one more original than the last, this uniqueness is reflected in the image of our talents which we recruit; we are committed to promoting good vibes and strong human values.

Our growth isn’t just about opening new hotels. Our teams benefit from a strong culture that prides itself in internal development & international mobility. At Mama, it’s not a question of diploma or years of experience.

Joining us is above all, a human adventure shaped in the very image of our founders, the Trigano family.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion:
Mama is an inclusive company and our ambition is to recruit and promote diverse talents.

Job Description

Gostaria de abrir o futuro Hotel Mama em Lisboa?

  • Mama likes everything to work perfectly and you make this happen! You ensure all the preventive and curative maintenance operations of the establishment are in accordance with the safety and hygiene standards in place.

  • Thanks to your attention to detail, the Mama will remain as good as new ✨ so our customers can continue to have a perfect experience.

  • You coordinate the various internal and external technical interventions.

  • You ensure the security of goods and people. ❤️

  • As a service manager, you are on the lookout for any equipment malfunction, comments and customer complaints.

  • You manage CAPEX projects and assist the purchasing department in negotiating consumables and service contracts, ensuring the best quality / price ratio.

  • It goes without mentioning, Mama is counting on you to establish and maintain contact with local administrative authorities, firefighters and energy suppliers ensuring that all recommendations have been recorded, documented and that assistance will be provided in all circumstances (if needed).

  • You train, support and develop your MacGyvers so that they can grow. 😜

Preferred Experience

• You know how to keep calm and carry on. ❤️
• You know how to solve this scenario (priority management): What do you do- If a customer reports a water leak in their room, while at the same time your GM is stuck in the elevator, and your crush calls for you in a flirtatious voice.
• Your strength is anticipation and organization on all subjects!
• You want to be at the heart of the action with your team, and not alone at your desk.
• You like to work in a team with a Mama attitude (politeness, courtesy, generosity ...).
• You are the first person to make themselves available when your friends renovate their bathroom. &
• You are flexible in your schedule. Your working hours will be determined according to the urgency of the situation.
• You love to jump in and get your hands dirty, using your skills and knowledge.
• Confidentiality is important to you, what happens in Mama stays in Mama.


  • You know how to explain your job to a person who has never held a hammer. 🤓
  • You are at home in a hardware store and never mount your furniture upside down.
  • Working during an emergency is when you’re at your best 😎

Recruitment Process

We’re sure you know the beat

1st verse: We set up a first telephone interview with our HR team if your application moves to our rhythm.

Chorus : After the successful telephone interview, we’ll see you at Mama or in our offices! Be ready! (chorus x2 depending on the position)

Last verse: Mama won’t leave you wondering; you will have an answer from us whether it’s 👎 or 👍

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Lisboa, Portugal (1250-010)
  • Experience: > 5 years